ASPS Demo Service

The ASPS Demo Service can mirror any website for evaluation

The ASPS Demo Server is most unique in that it can mirror your existing website and deliver it via special links while applying the full protection of ASPS. Almost any type of web site can be mirrored and protected. In fact the system has been designed to cater for almost anything, including Facebook pages. However to complete the protection some custom code is needed on your pages to prevent direct linking, and unless you are the site owner/admin that is not possible.

Any type of web site can be mirrored. How the ASPS Demo Server works is when a visitor clicks a link the ASPS server retrieves your web page and rewrites relevant links while adding code to the header of your mirrored page. From the ASPS control panel you can nominate which links to protect and which to leave as normal (unprotected).

For your ASPS demo pages to be fully secured, they must not be accessible directly. For that purpose we provide Check-Referrer modules for most popular CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, Nuke and WordPress that greatly simplify that task. The ASPS Demo Service is most unique and could serve as "protected hosting service" but it remains for demonstration purposes only.

* Click to create an ASPS Demo Service account for free (14 day free trial).
* Click to view the WordPress Tutorial video on YouTube.


This service provides the most secure copy protection on the planet for any and all web pages and media regardless of where it is hosted. The only limitation is that you need to take measures to prevent direct access to those pages and media. However that is quite easy to do and we can show you how.

ASPS Check Referrer

For CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress we have made it easy to prevent direct access to your protected content by providing add-on modules for your website for free.


14 Day FREE Trial

Test drive ASPS by creating a FREE account in the ASPS demo site. Install the ASPS Check Referrer add-on and see for your self just how easy and secure this new copy protection solution can be. Click to create a demo account.

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