ASPS Site Protection

The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) provides the most secure copy protection for all media displayed on web pages because it doesn’t rely on popular web browsers. Instead ASPS uses its own web browser that has been specially designed from the ground up to protect web content rather than expose it. All media including text, images, Flash and video can be copy protected without requiring encryption.

  • Prevents download and save of web pages, HTML and their content.
  • Prevents Print Screen, screen capture and screen recording.
  • Prevents media and image downloaders from obtaining links.
  • Prevents all data leakage and protects database records.
  • Protects all web page media including Flash, PDF and video.
  • Delivers all web requests and responses using the strongest encryption.
  • Supports all web applications, scripting languages and SSL.
  • Supports easy integration with any third party CSS or DRM solution.
  • No special treatment required for any media (no encryption required).

Publishing web sites for use with the ArtisBrowser will provide copy protection that will be 100 times more secure than all other exam browsers and re-skinned clones.

ASPS delivers web content from the server direct to the web browser in an encrypted format that only the ArtisBrowser can decode. The content on the website does not need to be encrypted and there is no double-handling required to prepare any web content for delivery via ASPS. This means that anything delivered from a website, including database records, media and web pages created on the fly using absolutely any programming language, will most securely be delivered from server to the user's web browser without any opportunity of copy, duplication or retrieval.

Websites can contain a mix of protected and public content (for search engines and casual visitors) without any segregation. Pages designated for protection only need to include additional meta-tags to set which protection options to apply. When that tag is detected by the server it will be delivered in encrypted form that only the ASPS Web Browser can decode.


To evaluate ASPS, visit this link, download the ArtisBrowser, then explore the ASPS demo which enables you to protect and explore your own existing web site as a mirror. Click to register for an ASPS demo account.

ASPS Server Software

First, you need to have a website that uses a domain name or domain alias on a network that is accessible from either the Internet or an Intranet. The next requirement is for you to have Administrator permissions on a dedicated server or a VPS for the permission to install server modules at root level..

To use ASPS, the filter software needs to be installed on the server for your website by ArtistScope. Filters are available for Apache and Windows servers, like ISAPI filters on Windows Server 2003. On Windows Server 2008 and 2012, it is a .net application and for Apache it's similar to a Mod. Sites that are enabled to use the filter are required to hold a license file in the site root. The license file also provides information to be displayed as branding for the ASPS Web Browser. In a nutshell, the installation of the server-side filter is as simple as installing the filter and copying the license file to the appropriate website. Nothing else is required as the filter is then controlled by a meta tag that is added to pages to be protected.

Click for more info on the ASPS Server Software.

ASPS Protected Hosting

ASPS Protected Hosting enables you to display your web content as a mirror from our server so that it can be viewed while using the ArtisBrowser and thus most securely protected from all copy and save techniques imaginable. An ASPS mirrored site enables you to:

  • Display a mirrored section of your home site (or the whole site).

From your author control Panel you have total control over all aspects governing users, groups, media and pages.

ASPS Control Panel

Click for more info on ASPS Protected Hosting.