The ASPS Demo Service can mirror any website for evaluation

The ASPS Demo Server is most unique in that it can mirror your existing website and deliver it via special links while applying the full protection of ASPS. Almost any type of web site can be mirrored and protected. In fact the system has been designed to cater for almost anything, including Facebook pages. However to complete the protection some custom code is needed on your pages to prevent direct linking, and unless you are the site owner/admin that is not possible.

Any type of web site can be mirrored. How the ASPS Demo Server works is when you nominate a link to a web page, the ASPS server retrieves your web page and rewrites relevant links while adding code to the header of your mirrored page.

* Click to try the Protect Web Page Anywhere demo.
* Click to view the WordPress Tutorial video on YouTube.


There are limitations with this demo because the ASPS server is scraping your web page and most web sites, especially news sites, have measures in place to prevent scraping which is deemed to be data mining and data theft.